The Finest Wireless Car Cradle Ever Made

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The Botlron is a fast-charging, fast-mounting, convenient & secured wireless in-car phone cradle that perfectly suits you and your car. Just like a customized tailored suit, Boltron was designed to complement both your phone and your car perfectly.

Wireless Charging Receiver

USB Cord and Carregador

Adjustable Cradle

Laser Etching Service

Beyond Convenience

Boltron is super convenient that allows you to place and take out your phone in one sec with the user-friendly one-hand operation.

Steady as a Rock

Boltron is designed to hold your phone safely in all kinds of road condition. The semi-enclosed frame together with the springback base allows the best stability to shore up your phone through your trip.

Wireless Charging

With the newest Qi fast charge technology, achieving over 80% efficiency is simple. Boltron crushes your low battery anxiety when navigating on your way.

Smart Reminder

Avoid Consequences Such As (all from the real stories):

Late for meeting and need the phone for voice memo and take notes.Grocery shopping cashing out, then realize the phone isn't here for mobile payment. Well, didn't even bring wallet for this. Important incoming calls from boss/client/mate/family were missed. Got into a big trouble the 2nd day. Catching a flight, but left the phone in the car. No time for going back and grab the phone so I will just flight without a phone then...

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